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A residential program serving homeless families. We offer support and teach skills that allow young parents to be successful and live independently.


Individual Counseling

A confidential and safe space to express feelings and explore coping techniques.

Group Counseling

Discuss common issues, struggles, and/or challenges with other parents.

Intensive Case Management

provides assistance and direction in reaching housing goals and connecting residents with necessary resources and assistance.

Life Skills Training

Classes that teach parenting skills, financial budgeting, health, self-care, and much more.


Job Readiness Training

Sharpen skills in interview styles and techniques, provide resume and cover letter creation, and teach interview preparation. 

Educational Opportunities

We work directly with our residents to support and encourage GED completion.


  1. Help residents achieve successful independent living. 

  2. Assist with developing life skills, including:

    1. Money Management

    2. Housekeeping

    3. Healthy Meal Planning

    4. Food Safety

    5. Positive Parenting

  3. Support residents while completing or furthering their education including High School Diploma, GED, or Higher Education

  4. Prepare residents to join the workforce

  5. Assist in locating and obtaining safe and appropriate housing to successfully transition to independent living.

  6. Connect residents with community resources for long-term support.


The Transitional Living Center is a long-term residential program that provides structure while encouraging growth, development, maturity, and independence. We strive to enhance our residents’ ability to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.

A referral through the Continuum of Care hotline is required: (618) 825 - 3330

For more information, please call (618) 397-3076.


Transitional Living Center residents are required to be referred through the Continuum of Care.

The COC hotline is staffed Monday - Friday, from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.


1. Must be a single parent or a couple aged 18 or older

2. Up to 2 children aged 17 or under

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