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We help individuals develop insight and acquire tools that will enable you to lead a more fulfilled and balance life.


Open to adults, adolescents, and couples. 

In a confidential, comfortable, and safe atmosphere, we offer a highly personalized approach tailored to your individual needs.  Our mental health counselors will provide you with competent, professional, and compassionate care.   


We can help with...

  • Stress, Anxiety, or Depression

  • Anger

  • Transitions

  • Grief

  • Relationship Concerns

  • Identity Development

  • Trauma


To request an appointment, call 618-397-0968, OR submit the form below and someone will reach out to schedule an appoint within the next business day.  


Got it!



  • Visit The Living Room at Call For Help

  • Call 911

  • Call Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

  • Text HOME to 741741 for Crisis Text Line

  • Go to your nearest emergency room







Throughout my time in this field, I have developed a passion for working with people to help them feel powerful about their lives and the choices that they make. My clinical approach focuses primarily on cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, person-centered, and existential frameworks.


I believe in the potential of each person that I work with to better understand their individual voice and what they ‘bring to the table’. It is my hope that by providing this space for exploration, my clients are able to take back control in areas of their lives where they feel stuck or uncertain, to define for themselves what it means to ‘bring something to the table’. We have to know who we are, who we truly are without judgment, before we guide ourselves toward who we want to become


I am not here to change you, to tell you what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – I’m here to help you feel more comfortable with making the decisions that will help you reach your goals. It is a collaborative process that I believe in, and I hope you will allow me to accompany you in that journey.


I received my Bachelor’s degree in psychology from McKendree University and went on to receive my Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.


I have worked primarily in outpatient settings, providing individual and group counseling to a wide variety of clients. My areas of interest include: depression, anxiety, identity development (broadly defined), grief processing, and working with survivors of trauma.

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Throughout my career, my clients have described my approach to treatment as non-judgmental, empathetic, and direct. When working with clients, I approach therapy through the Gestalt, Solution-Focused, Person-Centered, and Empowerment-Focused modalities. It is my belief that treatment works best when clients are approached as whole individuals – through both body and mind. I accomplish this by using both traditional talk therapy techniques alongside my specialized Art Therapy training. Art therapy can be a unique way for you to explore your lived experience, gain insight, and make meaning out of difficult life events. 
I am committed to providing services for all people. I wish to extend an area of safety especially to those members of the LGBTIA+ community and persons of color whose experience of oppression only adds to and compounds existing trauma. My experience with trauma treatment has centered specifically on working with people experiencing substance use and intimate partner or domestic violence. I have previous experience working with children, adults, families, and individuals. 
We all have stories. For some of us, the story we carry can cause us pain. Living with untreated trauma can be debilitating and interfere with our overall pursuit of wellness. It is my ultimate goal to help you unload, to walk alongside you, and help you carry your burden while also helping you learn how to either set down your burden entirely or carry it in a way so that it does not weigh you down. It is my belief that we all possess the innate ability to heal. Sometimes we just don’t know how without help. I hope I can be the one to help you. 

I am currently under clinical supervision with Megan Denton-Gillette.

Education: M. A. in Art Therapy Counseling, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and B. A. in Psychology, Morehead State University, KY, B. A. in Art, Morehead State University, KY 

Specialties: Art Therapy, Trauma, Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence, Abuse Recovery, Emotion Regulation, Anxiety & Depression, Self-Esteem, LGBTQIA+ Issues, BIPOC Issues

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Everyone experiences times in their lives where they could use support or are grappling with symptoms that prevent them from living fully. Healing can be difficult, and having someone to walk alongside you in that journey can help ease the load. I believe that everyone can find more balanced ways of living and experiencing that make life more enjoyable, and I’d like to take that walk with you. 

My approach is strengths-based and client-centered. I value the lived experience, personal wisdom, and opinions/preferences of clients. I will encourage you to provide feedback and take an active role in shaping your therapeutic experience. I frequently utilize cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal therapies along with mindfulness-based and compassion-focused approaches. Social justice principles also inform my work. I am continually working to make my office a safe space for members of the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and MMIND communities in my pursuit of cultural humility. I want to hold a safe and non-judgmental space for you to be witnessed, supported, and respected in your journey toward self-defined healing. 

I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Disabilities in Society from the University of Florida. I obtained my Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. I have previous experience working with individuals experiencing serious and persistent mental illness in the community and institutions, people with disabilities, and criminal/legal system involved folks. My interest areas include working with MMIND individuals, including survivors of trauma and those with serious and persistent mental illnesses. I am currently under the clinical supervision of Megan Denton Gillette, LCPC

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Hello! I am an outpatient counselor at Call For Help, Inc. I studied clinical social work at Washington University in St. Louis. Most recently, I completed a case management internship at a transitional housing agency for justice-involved women. Before I decided to become a counselor, I was an educator at an alternative high school and at a prison. I have a degree in religion from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and another degree from the University of Michigan in Middle Eastern studies. You can definitely describe me as someone who loves to learn!

My favorite thing to learn about is people. I’m lucky to have met so many people from all around the world who share their stories with me. I have always been in awe of the way people make meaning in their lives. To me, every person is their own universe of cells, thoughts, feelings, needs, dreams, choices, and more. Each of our universes is grown and shaped by its surroundings and relationships, by deep histories, singular moments, and intangible forces. Being an educator taught me that the story of every person’s universe is unique. As your counselor, I want to make a place where you can tell your story to someone who won’t judge or shame you. Building a therapeutic relationship with you means I get to learn your story from the leading expert—you!

I believe every person deserves to heal and thrive. I also believe every person holds the keys to their own transformation, even when our world makes things difficult. I have worked with adolescents and adults experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, homelessness, mental illness, substance use disorders, difficult relationships, and oppression. My approach to therapy is person-centered, intersectional, and trauma-informed. While I have used tools like mindfulness, talk therapy, and psychoeducation, I am ready to learn about what other methods and frameworks might help my clients meet their needs and goals. I look forward to working with you to discover the right tools for you!





Hello! My name is Abby Gonzales (she/her) and I am so excited to have the opportunity to work as an intern with Call For Help through May 2023. I am currently in my final year of graduate school in SIUe’s Art Therapy Counseling program. I have my bachelor's degree in social work from Texas State University where I gained experience working with adults with different abilities in an open art studio setting, as well as with elementary school aged children in school settings. I have also worked as an art therapy intern with both pre-school aged children in a school setting and in a community art open studio with adult women in transitional periods. I am still exploring working with different populations, developing different skills, and finding my niche.


As an art therapist in training, I like to utilize art as a tool within therapy. This may show up in a number of ways. Sometimes it may look like providing clients with art prompts to help with exploration that could lead to identifying with a problem in a new way. It may also be simply leaving space for art making during conversation to help regulate. It can also be useful in helping a client externalize the problem through creating a visual representation. In many ways, art is essentially used as a tool to spark additional conversation. It does not take an artist to participate in art therapy because it is focused on the process of creating rather than the product! Regardless of the modality, I prioritize a client-led, person-centered approach, leaning in to utilizing what the client expresses as being the most beneficial for their own processing.


With all of this, my passions lie in empowering others to explore utilizing art to communicate their experiences and ultimately deeper connect with themselves. I find myself drawing from Gestalt Theory to prompt exploration in art, and I am also reliant on many of the tenants of feminist theory, person centered therapy, and Trauma informed therapy. I gravitate toward using a systemic lens and strength-based approach to help clients become aware of how different systems may be playing a role in their situation and encourage them to access the resources and strengths that they already have.

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