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September 1, 2023



It is with great sadness that I announce that Call for Help, Inc. (CFH) will cease the delivery of services on or about September 30, 2023.  The CFH Board of Directors has further decided to dissolve the agency following the resolution of outstanding legal and financial obligations.


For many decades, CFH has assisted persons at risk both in St. Clair County and the surrounding areas.  It is with deepest regret that The Board has concluded that the organization will no longer be able to do so.  Over the years, many dedicated staff, volunteers, and community supporters have worked tirelessly to ease the burdens of people with mental illness, homeless individuals, people suffering abuse, people with major unmet immediate needs, people in despair, and families at risk. The overwhelming majority of these services were provided to the recipients at no cost.  The agency is proud of that work and its impact on the community.    


Our impending closure is the result of numerous issues not within our control.  In changing times, funds have been harder to locate and the cost of providing professional services has risen dramatically.  These changes impact small organizations disproportionately.  Despite challenging circumstances, Call for Help has always attempted to complete our work with integrity and fidelity. For that we thank the many people that have contributed their best professional and, at times, personal resources.


In closing we wish to thank all our staff, funders, volunteers, supporters and the community.  In all honesty, the people we will miss the most are the people we had the privilege of serving.           


Mike Colligan

Acting Interim Executive Director

Call for Help, Inc,

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